Posted by: thinkingbulldog | June 24, 2008

When Life Looks Like Easy Street, There’s Danger at Your Door

Gordon “Danger” Beckham (Image from some place called ESPN) 

I watched Georgia win their last College World Series on the couch at #2 Windsor Place on Macon Highway in Athens.  I had just graduated and awaited Law School in August.  Going to law school was the worst mistake I have made in my entire life; but I digress.  The Little Thinking Bulldog and I have watched every pitch of Georgia’s CWS games this time around, and it has been beyond terrific.

A few observations about the game and the 2008 CWS that have not been made by Groo, Dawg Sports, or the prolific Kyle King, and even (horrors!) Senator Blutarsky (who has finally succombed to baseball fever):

  • Give Holder a Bone for a gritty, inspiring outing.  I bet his shin looks wretched today, but he managed to keep the game under control through 7.  There were other, bigger plays to come in the 8th that decided the game, but Holder’s toughing it out of jams in the 7th and particularly the 6th were key to the Dawgs hanging on.
  • With the safety of hindsight, Josh Fields’s awful 9th against Stanford was a Godsend.  It was Man against Boys in the 9th last night, and getting touched up for 4 in his last outing guarateed razor sharp focus.
  • Speaking of focus, I loved the shot of Fields not expressing the slightest emotion after Beckham’s blast.  He watched it clear the fence and went back to rubbing up the baseball without any gesture at all.
  • Beckham’s postgame commentary was very reassuring insofar as the team’s focus today is concerned, as he pointed out that the last two champs had lost the first game of the series.
  • I’ve always liked Mike Patrick’s football announcing, but I’ve had enough of him.  It truly was 7 1/2 innings of nonstop Fresno Love before we came back and slammed the door.  Tonight it will be nonstop love for Georgia I’m sure.
  • Orel Hershiser.  Sheesh.  When he is talking baseball, his detailed analysis is amazing.  When talking about all the other chitchat and human interst BS that litters the ESPN broadcast, he is so terrible I get embarassed for him.
  • Last night was a case study in why statistics are basically useless in forecasting individual matchups, particularly hitter vs. pitcher. 
  • Tonight:  I can’t help but think the Dawgs will close it out this evening.  Georgia seems to be only getting stronger every game, and I think Fresno will finally run out of luck.

One last note:  prior to the game, the Little Thinking Bulldog, Age 9, penned what we believe to be the only haiku ever produced on the subject of Georgia baseball:

College World Series
Georgia will beat Fresno State
BullDAWGS Dominate!

Let’s get it done.



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