Posted by: thinkingbulldog | September 29, 2008

Mumme Poll #1

Kings of September.  Meh.

Update:  Whoops, I had an extra ten teams instead of seven.  Corrected below:

Mumme Poll ballot for September 29 (teams ranked alphabetically):

The First Five:

Penn State

The Next Seven:

Brigham Young
Southern Cal
South Florida
Texas Tech 

Almost In:  Oklahoma State, Ohio State, Utah, Boise State, Oregon, Connecticut, Northwestern (not really), Vandy (not really)

What we learned:  so, for September at least, it pays to have a weak schedule and whup up on all of them, and it also pays to play a difficult schedule IF YOU WIN.  Thus four undefeated Big XII teams are in here early.  All have played some of the lamest nonconference schedules around, but at least they have had the common decency to beat the absolute tar out of their opponents.  From here on out, the Big XII intraconference matchups start, and you’d think at least two of these four will drop out in short order.

Southern Cal and Florida are one-loss teams who survive despite conference losses to perceived conference outliers.  This came down to the alternatives:  Ohio State?  Boise State?  UConn?  V-V-V-Vandy?  Georgia also survives the first cut despite one loss to a Mumme Poll colleague and a win or two that may have lacked luster.

Twelve teams seems to me a very good cutoff number.  I must say however that I will be interested in how this experiment can sort out into a ranking.  I can’t imagine there will be much standard deviation at all.  But if the AP can put Auburn at #13, Kansas at #16, and Vandy at #19, I suppose reasonable minds can disagree.



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