Posted by: thinkingbulldog | October 6, 2008

Mumme Poll For Real Ballot #1


It is apparent that you have given much thought to your ballot.  Perhaps not enough.

First stab at the live Mumme Poll from Get the Picture:

Teams listed alphabetically:

The First Five:

Penn State

The Next Seven:

Brigham Young
Ohio State
Southern Cal
Texas Tech

Yawn.  The Senator wisely has waited until October to commence the poll, and it appears that a broad consensus can be reached as to the elite teams in the nation.  Four Big XII teams get into my first ballot, with Oklahoma State lurking just outside.  From a resume’ ranking standpoint, you can dock a team for playing a soft schedule.   But not, in my opinion, when said teams blow the doors off every single opponent. That said, Texas Tech’s nonconference schedule is so indefensible that I couldn’t possibly justify putting them in the first five with Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.  Yes, there will be intraconference fratricide among these 4, but if a team in the Big XII can assemble a 1 loss season with their only defeat coming say on the road against a fellow top 5 team, it will be extremely difficult to leave out a Big XII Champ if there is only 1 undefeated team.  Only one thing is certain:  everything you know at the first of October will be wrong soon; probably Sooner than you think.

Penn State hasn’t played the toughest schedule themselves, but they won their nonconference slate convincingly and won their first two conference games by two touchdowns apiece.  LSU is the odd man out of the first five among themselves, Alabama, and State.  Bama has two convincing road victories to offset some struggles at home.  LSU, despite the road win over Auburn, only has Appy State, North Texas, and Mississippi State as its other victories.

The final spot for me came down to a decision of Utah vs. Florida.  The reason I decided to leave Florida out is that they have not played a team with a winning record and lost to an Ole Miss team at home whose only other victories are against Samford (1-AA) and Memphis (3-3).  Utah is 6-0 with wins at Michigan and at Air Force, and not to get overly derivative, they defeated a Michigan team who triumphed over Wisconsin, and defeated Oregon State who triumphed over Southern Cal.  As you can see it was a very near-run thing if one must go that deep into the resume’.  All Florida needs to do is win Saturday vs. LSU, and their presence outside the Mumme ballot this week will be an anomaly.

BYU, Georgia, Ohio State, and Southern Cal each have their own particular/peculiar sets of flaws, but consider the alternatives:  Vandy, Boise State, Oklahoma State, or Virginia Tech.  Any of these teams could kick out Utah or BYU if they keep beating better teams than the MWC schedule offers.  However the the UGA/OSU/USC trio won’t be passed by anyone until the inevitable upset #2 befalls any or all of them.

I spent approximately 51 minutes and 7 seconds in deep meditation over this ballot.

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