Posted by: thinkingbulldog | October 20, 2008

Mumme Poll 10-20-08 Ballot

We were scratching and pecking any way we could.”

Herewith another stab at the Mumme Poll (teams arranged alphabetically):

The First Five:

Penn State
Southern Cal

The Next Seven:

Ohio State
Oklahoma State
Texas Tech

Comments:  Yawn.  This is unchanged from last week except for dropping Missouri and adding LSU back in. On the margins, at the present time the safest 3 in the top 5 are Texas, Oklahoma and, Southern Cal. Oklahoma sports a loss to Texas but has a trio of wins over Kansas, Cincinnati, and TCU and pretty much kills everybody.  USC has beaten Ohio State, who looks better every week, and also the wins over Oregon and (now 4-3) Virginia.  Their loss to Oregon State is looking better as well, as the Beavers have responded from the disastrous loss at Stanford to a winning record, and their other two losses are Utah and Penn State, who are a combined 16-0.  USC also has 3 teams left on the schedule who currently have winning records (Arizona, Cal & ND), so I’m not totally convinced that USC is out of the BCSCG picture if they win out.

Alabama beat Georgia convincingly, of course, but their other victory against a team with a winning record is Kentucky, who sports one of the worst nonconference schedules around (second in the SEC to maybe only, say, Alabama), and have struggled against Tulane and Ole Miss, and the win over Clemson has not aged well.  Ominously for the Tide, right now only two teams left on their schedule who have a winning record, LSU and Auburn.  Penn State, meanwhile, has beaten a 4-3 Oregon State Team and a 4-3 Illinois team, not as impressive as Bama’s win over Georgia, but at least the Lions have had the common decency to utterly destroy pretty much everyone else on their schedule.

Knocking on the top 5 door are Georgia, Ohio State and Oklahoma State.  Each has 3 wins against teams with winning records, and UGA and Ohio State have suffered losses to top 5 teams.  This weekend should clear up all kinds of things between UGA v. LSU, Ohio State v. Penn State, and Oklahoma State v. Texas. 

Last in the pool for me was Texas Tech and LSU.  Tech continues to drop with the strength of their schedule, beating only Nevada and two Big XII North teams with winning records primarily because of the lameness of their schedules.  LSU gets a win on the road at night against South Carolina, and Auburn still has a winning record, and further despite the wake-up call in Gainesville, LSU still looks more impressive to me than a Boise State team with only a win over Oregon and 5 other dreadful opponents, or maybe Pitt (with wins over South Florida, Iowa, and The Navy, but the inexcusable loss to Bowling Green). TCU also got a look, but other than the statement win over BYU and New Mexico, there’s not much else there.  Next week LSU will either be easily in, or easily out.

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