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Mumme Update and Poll Ballot 11-25-08

First a Mumme Update–  Louisiana Tech 35, New Mexico State 31

Hal Mumme’s New Mexico State Aggies fall to 3-8, 1-6 in the WAC.

LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) — Daniel Porter ran for 130 yards on 17 carries Saturday to lead Louisiana Tech to a 35-31 win against New Mexico State in Aggie Memorial Stadium.

Louisiana Tech (7-4, 5-2 Western Athletic Conference) claimed its first-ever victory in Las Cruces against the Aggies (3-8, 1-6 WAC) and tied the series between the conference foes at 4-4.

Phillip Livas delivered a 68-yard catch-and-run touchdown with four minutes remaining to regain Louisiana Tech’s lead, 35-31, after NMSU’s Chris Williams caught a 34-yard scoring pass from Chase Holbrook to go up 31-28 seven minutes before.

Nice season for Dooley the Younger, I’ll say.  Mumme notsomuch.

The first five:

Texas Tech 

The next seven:

Ohio State
Oklahoma State
Penn State
Southern Cal

Last one in:  Ohio State
First ones out:  Boise State, Cincinnati, FSU, Oregon, Oregon State

Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Tech have 1 loss to a Top 5 team
Georgia and Oklahoma State have 2 losses to Top 5 teams
Missouri has 2 losses to to one Top 5 and one Second 7 teams
Ohio State has 2 losses to 2 Second 7 Teams 
Florida, Penn State and Southern Cal have 1 loss to a team not in the Top 12 

In the end I decided to leave Texas Tech in the top 5 over USC and Penn State because of their slightly more difficult schedule and their 1 loss to Oklahoma is not as bad as Southern Cal’s loss to Oregon State or PSU’s loss to Iowa.  TT is a good team that had one disastrous outing, and I think a matchup with USC or PSU on a neutral field would be a toss up.  I’d like to see Tech’s offense against USC’s defense.

Boise State’s schedule is atrocious and it kept them out of the last spot in lieu of Ohio State.  The rest had too many losses to overcome the Buckeyes.

If I were the football God, the SEC Champ would get one spot in the championship game unless Alabama loses to Auburn but beats Florida.  The Big XII South Champ would get a spot if they beat Missouri.  If one of the SEC/B12S champs do not get in, then USC would get a spot, but only if they win the PAC-10.  And if Oregon State wins the PAC-10, then Penn State should get in.  And if Auburn beats Bama, Bama beats Florida, Mizzou beats the Big XII South champ, and Oregon State wins the PAC-10 then Penn State should play Utah and why the hell not.  I’m going to lie down for a while.


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